Buildings and Zoning

Our zoning should not be so vague and general that anything goes.


Parks and open space

Our parks enrich our lives and offer our families opportunities to learn and grow.

Streets and sidewalks

Our streets and sidewalks connect us with each other.

Our local Economy

Our local businesses create that sense of place we all want.

Sabra's Supporters speak

Sabra is already working for us


“Sabra Briere is the best informed member of City Council and is always ready to work with community groups to address our neighborhood concerns.”


— Ray Detter


Sabra is thorough and informed


“Not only has Councilwoman Briere impressed me by having open 'office hours' every Monday morning at Northside Grill, but she has also earned my respect when I observe the respectful and compassionate attention she gives to those who meet with her.


“Recently, I have brought a concern to Councilwoman Briere. I have found her to be very thorough in doing the background research and communicating with residents in order to make informed decisions!”


— Robert McGee, former mayor of Ferndale


Sabra has the highest integrity


“She has been a leader on broad issues like affordable housing as well as on smaller basic issues addressing specific neighborhood concerns. She represents and respects everyone in our community.”


— Tim Colenback


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