Good Services

City services – like snow plowing, garbage collection and street paving – form the core of what we expect from our local government. I have helped solve many problems that First Warders have encountered, including getting streets plowed, improving traffic signaling, and facilitating inspections and permits. I have also worked to improve the responsiveness and accountability of City staff.

Strong Neighborhoods

Whether it's your building, your block, or your subdivision, your neighborhood is important. I proposed, and City Council adopted, the Citizen Participation Ordinance to bring neighbors and developers together. I have worked with our neighbors on their concerns about safety, parks, new development and city services.

Healthy Businesses

Ann Arbor will benefit from sustaining, encouraging and retaining small retailers and locally-owned businesses. I have listened to local business owners and worked with them to resolve their issues. I have voted for healthy growth. I will continue to advocate for policies that will result in a vigorous local business environment.

Responsive and Responsible


Listening to you

You have opinions, knowledge and information. You also have many questions about the City. I'm happy to listen and learn from you about your neighborhood, your views about City government, and your solutions to problems we all face. I'm also happy to find out more about the services Ann Arbor provides, and make certain you get the support and information you expect.

That's my job.

Representing you

My vote on Council demonstrates the best possible decision I can make for Ann Arbor's future. The more controversial the decision, the more research I'll conduct, and the more I look for your opinions and advice. The decisions are all mine, of course, and taken when the vote is called.

From the budget to development, from parks to parking rates, I'll listen to every side of an issue to get a complete picture. That willingness to listen to all sides helps me understand the reasons to make changes and the pressure to slow changes down.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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